An american friend and my uncle, who was living in L.A., recommended me Boston as one of the most charming and vibrant cities in the U.S. Every year, thousands of new students and professionals come to the city, enjoying and enriching its intellectual and artistic scene. I took his advice and I decided to try my luck here. Beginning a new life is always challenging, but my previous experience as an expat in Europe and as an adventure traveler in South and Central America gave me the confidence to start again.


A major change has been living in the CCC (Cambridge Cooperative Club), which has meant a constant individual and collective learning process. We are a multi-generational group of 11 people from different backgrounds, living together as an intentional housing community. We are based on social and environmental justice values guided by consensus. We hold house meetings twice a month and house dinners every week. These meetings create the space and time to get together: cooking, eating and having the opportunity to catch on what's going on everybody's life. We can connect with each other through the act of eating together. Food and people are intimately related. In my opinion, it is probably the only of our basic needs that we can share without having to be intimately related.


Since I came to this country, I've worked in many popular restaurants in the area of Cambridge, in which I've learned a lot about the local palate, ingredients and work philosophy.  Now I have decided to chase a new direction in my life. Being a personal chef is helping me to recover the connection between people and food. It motivates me to think about the process completion, about closing circles. It is a multi-step process:

(1) You can create the menu together with the people that are requesting your service. You can prepare meals to evoke memories of childhood, celebrate traditions, forge relationships, etc. Food is a nourishment for the body and the soul.

(2) You can carefully choose all the ingredients. Organic, local and fair-trade are three essential words for me. I enjoy having the opportunity to do my best at learning of the origins of food I cook, support sustainable agriculture, prevent food waste, etc.

(3) You can see how people enjoy the food, sharing the experience with them and redefining the interaction between the cook and the people.